Lovely Times with The Lovely One

Happy Monday, ladies! Well, honestly I need more Sunday(s).
On last Saturday, there was an event at my school called Campus Fair. There were 14 campus include PTN and PTS. Uh, I felt so confused about the colleges which I'm gonna choose for the SBMPTN choices up until now X_X. I just ask and pray to Allah what's the best for me. I believe that Allah will shows me to the right one, Aamiin Ya Rabb O:)
After I attended the Campus Fair, I asked B to accompany me for lunch. We were having sushi at Sushinest, the first time for us having sushi, lol. We spent 3 hours together and after that we went home earlier because the sky were gloomy. And this was the outfits that I wore. It was pastel! 
Me and B also had a lovely Sunday afternoon 

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Cream Lace Top -- Annisa
Pink Blazer -- Sister's
Scarf -- Sugar Gallery
Flat Shoes -- Yongki Komaladi
Bag -- Tajur
Watch -- Casio
Peace Bracelets in pink&blue -- Crop Shop
Black Trouser -- Gucci


Florals and Blue

Hi! This is just a quick post of my outfit. Most of the color is blue. I just found the floral top from my sister's wardrobe and when I wore it, it's fit on my body (not to tight). I'm in love with the colors. And you have knew, that I love floral so much! 
Btw, tomorrow is a free-day, right? Muslims will celebrate the Maulid Nabi Muhammad saw. 

And Alhamdulillah, finally, I get free time even though for one day :') My school will celebrate the Maulid day on Friday and on the Saturday there will be a Campus Fair at my school. Can't wait!
And good night, everyone! Have a good sleep.

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Tosca Instant Turban -- Mooieta
Blue Shawl -- MOS Shawl
Floral Top -- Unbranded
Blue Skirt -- Simply Geeky
Denim -- North Star



Rainy Outfit

Hi everyone, my Mom's birthday almost comes and I still confused what to give to her, do you have any idea? An extraordinary with low prices maybe hehehe
Btw, I've changed my Instagram account from @inalathifahs to @inalathifahs_, why? Because of my personal reason for sure. And I hope I could get many followers again, so please follow me now here! Thanks before xx
These days, rain always come everyday but Alhamdulillah the sun shines almost every morning now, not for last week, the sky always looked gloomy. So this outfit maybe could inspire you, what to wear on rainy season but still look stylish. And see ya!

Lots of Love, Ina 

The outfits:
Dark Brown Poncho -- Puncak
Black jeans -- Gucci
Pattern Scarf -- Tn. Abang
Boots Wedges -- Christian Siriano for Payless


When Day Ends with "Mixed" Feelings

Happy, sick, sad, confused, stress and the most of all is TIRED. Yes those feelings can describe how my each days end. But happy always be the number 1 :)
Maybe only 85 days more to have a National Exam, I'm (not) excited! Hahaha. But 85 more days mean that we only have 85 days more to be classmates, right? That's what I've been said to my friends and they were touched by that words, so do I :')
So how's your days go?
And the thing that makes me excited is February will come! What will happen on February? You will know soon, InsyaAllah XD
Btw, don't forget to pray for the capital city of Indonesia -Jakarta- which is look like a pool now, yes that's because of the flood, poor them :( #PrayForJakarta May Allah always safe you all! Warm hug! ({})

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Fifi Lapin Scarf in Tosca by MOOIETA
Long Dress in Black by BG WARDROBE
Peace Bracelets Set by CROPSHOP
NU Love Black Heels by LOFALOSH


Holiday Part 3: Hometown (2)

The holiday almost over, right?
Are you ready for school time? I hope I'm ready!
Today me, my cousins and my aunt go to a restaurant which is called "Sipirok". They sell soup which is already famous. The last time I ate there was around 2 years ago. So I miss it!
My parents doesn't join because they go to my other-cousin's marriage.
And by the way, this is my today outfit and this is the first time I wear turban hehehe. Happy Friday!

Lots of Love, Ina 


Holiday Part 3: Hometown (1)

2013 is coming and I just wanna say, Happy New Year!
2012 has given me much lesson. And since 2012 I've posted many blog post and how I love to do this activity.I find new friends from different town and country. And up until now, I have 80 followers now, even it's just a little number but it's really meant for me. Thank you!
I didn't have a special party to celebrate the new year eve. Because on Dec 31st, me and my family just arrived at our hometown, --and we still right here-- Even we went to here by plane, but I dunno why I felt soo tired on that day. So when I closed my eyes at night, I slept until morning and I didn't hear anything when the time appointed to 00.00 hahaha. But that's good.
This is the outfit post what I wore.
May Allah always bless us on this year and I hope this year will be Berkah. Amin.

Lots of Love, Ina

What I wore when I went here

On the 2nd day

with mommy!