Feeling Cold

Little thing made my day! Just received a package (as usual, from an online shop). Just bought a Floral Pants *again* hihihi, came from @khansaadara I've been wanted to have some since months ago :| And Alhamdulillah I have two pieces now xo. Like my Twitter's Bio "She always craving for Floral things" X) And I also wearing a wool sweater, you know these days the weather gets cold day by day in Bogor. How about your town?
My semester test is close enough. So I must study right now! I hope I will get the best score, Amin..
See you on next post, insyaAllah.

Lots of Love, Ina 


  1. hai Ina, i've too, a floral harem pants, i wanna post that in my blog soon.
    nice style ;)

    follow and visit my blog
    thanks :*

  2. Replies
    1. Ooohh thank you so much, sist! So are you ;;)

  3. WOW i just wanna say " Geulis pisan teh" hihihih lier uiy liatnya

    Mampir kesini ya Info Diskon, Kuliner, Lalu Lintas Terbaru Dan Aplikasi Terbaru untuk Android dan Iphone

  4. I loove the outfit, so awesome!


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