A Sweet Sunday

How are you? It's already December, right? How fast the time flies!
December means I will have a final exam of this term. Fyuh. And these weeks being a hectic week everrr D: Can't wait for holiday, you also waiting for that, right? ;;)
Btw, yesterday (Sunday) me and my family went to Depok to visit my sister. Aah we didn't meet for almost a month, she miss us so much but she couldn't go home for this time. So yesterday was a Family-Time! <3
These are some pictures that I took yesterday. I hope you like it!
Btw, I wore Floral Pants from @fixpose really love the pattern!

Lots of Love, Ina 
Happy Monday!

Got new babies!


  1. cute Ina :D
    suddenly I miss my family, live faraway from them makes me feel homesick sometime.
    the last photo is you and your sister right? Mata saudaranya Ina lebih sipit ya :o
    good luck with your exam dear, bentar lagi kan, semangat yaa, habis itu liburan hehe.
    I'll have my final on January.

    my little cream button♥

    1. That's what my sister felt, even though we still live in a same province, West Java hehehe
      Yes that's true! My sisters's friends say that she is a bit chinesse :|
      So good luck for you to, sist ;)

  2. ina.. kerudung yg gitu pakenya gimana?? hehe :)

    1. Pake di kepala dg panjangnya sama, pegang ujung-ujung bagian depan, silang trus iket di bagian belakang leher tp di dalamnya. Selesai :)

    2. ooohh.. okay ina ;) I'll try.. makasih yaa hehe :D

  3. Hello dearest, you look so beautiful dear <3 I really love your pants anw, succes for your exams dear...




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