Holiday Part 2: Meet Up!

On December 28th, I met my old friend who lives in Jakarta now. We haven't met for more than 6 years, perhaps. We met and hang out at a mall in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. I didn't go alone, I asked Thifal to join also because three of us were schoolmates in elementary. Went to Jakarta around 10.30 am by the commuter line.
We didn't have much time to talked because me and Thifal was late. And not forget to took photos together. So maybe insyaAllah, we should meet again soon  :>

Lots of Love, Ina 


Holiday Part 1

My really 1st day of holiday.. Go to a restaurant and a fishing place which is called "Panjang Jiwo Resort" at Bogor. Go to there with my Daddy's friends and also the families. Having lunch and fishing. Eating at a medium size cottage with natural view. Green everywhere. And like I ever said, "Bring the camera everywhere you go!" ;)
Wish you also have a quality time with your family/friends/relatives :)

Lots of Love, Ina 

The view from my cottage

Thank you my lil' sister for took these photos xo


Happy Holiday

Happy weekend, everyone :)
Finally I can post something again. It's already December 22th 2012.
You know bloggers, today is Autumn Wipe Out, isn't it? Actually I really wanna go there but sadly I have no time and the location is far enough from my house. Maybe next time.
I got my report book this morning and Alhamdulillah I get better than last year.
I have a little daily activity now, write about "Little Thing Made Me Happy"! Thanks kak Diana for being the inspiration!
And finally I have my own design peplum top, love it!
And happy holiday, everyone! Wish you have a wonderful one <3

Lots of Love, Ina


Present: F.Y.G Blog

Hello hello hi hi!
Long time no blogging and I miss you!! Finally my semester test was finished woohoo :3
Today is my best friend's 18th birthday, ladies. Her name is Thifal Bungawalie Zahid. We made this friendship since we are in 5th grades until now we're 12th grades. It has been 7 years :'') I'm lucky to have you xoxo
Just read the story and see the picts on this site F.Y.G, it's my 2nd blog account. The blog of me and her for sure. And I hope you'll kindly follow ours :)

Good night,
Lots of Love, Ina


Feeling Cold

Little thing made my day! Just received a package (as usual, from an online shop). Just bought a Floral Pants *again* hihihi, came from @khansaadara I've been wanted to have some since months ago :| And Alhamdulillah I have two pieces now xo. Like my Twitter's Bio "She always craving for Floral things" X) And I also wearing a wool sweater, you know these days the weather gets cold day by day in Bogor. How about your town?
My semester test is close enough. So I must study right now! I hope I will get the best score, Amin..
See you on next post, insyaAllah.

Lots of Love, Ina