Why I Love Them?

They said the high school time is the best moment in your life, but I said, it doesn't exist in my life. And finally I can find my own answer, the time is now..
Wanna share to you some photos of me and my classmates. We took these photos on this afternoon while the school time. You know, that we're in the last grade of high school, so we try to catch some sweet memories, especially today photo shoot.
Hope you enjoy it!

Love, Ina 

 The photo shoots of @TwelveFourLast, begin!

"Hey, I'm studying right now! Physics you know, I'm bad at it -__-"

The Hijabers

And this is us "Twelve Four Last"

They are crazy, but that's why I love them :')

They're not a couple but oops they're spotted! Lol

Do you notice that Ica--the girl on the last photo-- spotted with three boys? Lol


  1. Lovely pictures. Its so awesome that you have school uniforms. We dont have that! You can wear what you want.

    ps; thanks for your sweet comment. I like coming over to your blog. So no hard feelings.



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