One Day on A Long Weekend

Hello, Ladies!
How's your long weekend? Is it fun? What are you doing now? Having fun with friends?family? Or someone special? Hahaha. If you ask me, I'll answer, just spend the days with family at home. It's also fun ;)
It's about last Thursday. Sadly, no one asked me for going out. But finally on the afternoon I went out to somewhere with Miss. T. I just wanted to bought a Sketch Book. And after I have one, it was so funny if we went home at that time. So we prefer to karaoke, just to had fun.
So, this is the outfit of that day.

Love, Ina 


  1. what a great day Ina..
    outfitnya simple but the shawl make it perfect ;)

    visit my little cream button♥


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