Busy, Tired and Sick.

It's already November ladies, and today is 7th. My first post on this month. I change my blog appearance hehehe.
An outfit post that I wore to somewhere last Sunday. I'm in super love with the long dress in fuchsia from @mhcloset by @maharanihatta. Even it is a second one but it's still in a very good condition. Actually it was from Cotton Ink. Simply, I just mix it with my denim jacket and wear a motif scarf and I was ready to go.
October was a busy month, so do November. I'm busy with study, assignments, exams, and plus with the yearbook photo shoot. I join the committee of the yearbook. So many things to do.
I think I don't have much time to take a rest, so I feel a bit tired and cough now. Get well soon for me :)

Now let's we start the photos. Hope you enjoy them!

Love, Ina 

P.S. : I dunno why the dress look not in fuchsia :| Pardon my camera...

Do you notice the "Contact Me" pictures on the left side? Yes, all about flowers 

"Big Crown on a hat"



  1. Hi ina! long time no read your post!
    how beautiful you're dear :*
    just noticed that you really love flower dear ;)

    Area you sick Ina? wish you get well soon dear..

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. pake baju apa aja selalu pantes&beautiful ya kamu In...hehe...moga selalu diberi kesehatan walau bnyk kegiatan ;)

  3. It is a while since I saw a post of you.
    Take care and may Allaah help you with your exams.
    I know the feeling!

    I have to say, your outfit is lovely, especially the dres.. <3


  4. beautiful ,i love your skirt ,,,get well soon ina ..

  5. in love with your outfit, you are so beautiful! ^^

    i follow you, would you mind to follow me back? ;)


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