Two Tone

Long weekend, ladies! Hehehe, why I say long weekend? Because I didn't come to school this morning, and I get a good news that on the Monday we get holiday (even only one day) *dancing*. As usual, I wish you never get bored with my outfit post :') My outfit same as my wall tone hehe
I feel so weak today :( I'm sick. And the other reason is, I miss someone there. Ups.
Just get started! Happy weekend xx

Lots of Love, Ina 

My legs look longer here (>w<)


Failed Vintage Look

Hello! Quick post again, ladies.
Tried to have a vintage look but maybe it failed. Lol.
1 more week to have a semester test. Study hard!!
Have a lovely rainy Friday xx

Lots of Love, Ina 


Simply Pink

Just a quick post, Outfit Of The Day! I had a Try Out SNMPTN by FISIP-UI at Smansa Bogor today. And this is what I wore. And have a good sleep!

Lots of Love, Ina 

P.S: Finally, shopping again! :)


One Day on A Long Weekend

Hello, Ladies!
How's your long weekend? Is it fun? What are you doing now? Having fun with friends?family? Or someone special? Hahaha. If you ask me, I'll answer, just spend the days with family at home. It's also fun ;)
It's about last Thursday. Sadly, no one asked me for going out. But finally on the afternoon I went out to somewhere with Miss. T. I just wanted to bought a Sketch Book. And after I have one, it was so funny if we went home at that time. So we prefer to karaoke, just to had fun.
So, this is the outfit of that day.

Love, Ina 


A Big Vintage Crown

Happy Sunday, everyone? How's your weekend?
Yesterday was a unique date, right? 10-11-12 (D-M-Y) and I also have a nice day yesterday. How about you?
Presents my new ARCG Crown Collection. Big and Vintage, the two words that can describe it.
Yesterday, me and some of my classmates went to Sentul. We were there to survey the location that we will use for the yearbook photo shoot. Because the theme is Vintage, so we prefer to have an old house as the background. And we found one there! But we haven't ask for permission to the Marketing.
After that we had lunch together. And Mr. B picked me up!
Tomorrow is Monday, back to routine.

PS: Pardon me, I forgot to took my whole yesterday outfit

Lots of Love, Ina 

LOOK! We found a CASTLE! But it's still castle-to-be hahaha


Why I Love Them?

They said the high school time is the best moment in your life, but I said, it doesn't exist in my life. And finally I can find my own answer, the time is now..
Wanna share to you some photos of me and my classmates. We took these photos on this afternoon while the school time. You know, that we're in the last grade of high school, so we try to catch some sweet memories, especially today photo shoot.
Hope you enjoy it!

Love, Ina 

 The photo shoots of @TwelveFourLast, begin!

"Hey, I'm studying right now! Physics you know, I'm bad at it -__-"

The Hijabers

And this is us "Twelve Four Last"

They are crazy, but that's why I love them :')

They're not a couple but oops they're spotted! Lol

Do you notice that Ica--the girl on the last photo-- spotted with three boys? Lol