Let's We Dance

Morning, everyone! How are you today? Where do you spend this Sunday? If you ask me, the answer only "Not really good, just at home. Study for mid semester test for tomorrow until next Saturday." Fyuh.
As usual, an outfit post!! It's a long post enough, but not really. And this is just for having fun before I face the test. Fyuh. I took these photos early this morning, around 6.15 am hahaha.
Okay let's take a time!

Love, Ina xx

Ring by @all_branded (instagram)

Handmade Shoes by @LOFALOSH (twitter)


Scarf detail. Scarf by @fittingroom11 (instagram)

Outfit that I wore to hospital, visit my Dad


  1. You look truly beautiful! I love these patterns, they are so nice together :) I totally have to visit your blog more often, you're such an inspiration <3

    P.S. Studying too today :/

    Love, B

  2. Nice skirt. Totally love the color! And your outfit is gorgeous dear.
    Goodluck with your test. May Allaah (swt) help you with it.


  3. nice colour ina :)
    get well soon for your father :)

  4. I really like tribal motif ina :)
    Good luck Ina <3


  5. your shawl. aaaaaaaaa tribal. i love it

    visit my blog dear :*


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