Choco and Pink

How about the 2nd Hijab Tutorial post, ladies? Are you satisfied with the result? I hope you are.
Btw, this is a quick midnight post of my outfit that I wore yesterday to somewhere with Mr. B.
I hope you like it, enjoy and good night xx

Love, Ina 

Zara Jelly Bag from @alorahouse (Instgram) 

I adore pink so much
Instagram update:


ARCG's 2nd Hijab Tutorial

As I have promised to you, ladies. HIJAB TUTORIAL TIME!! Btw, have you practice the ARCG's First Hijab Tutorial? I hope you have. Now I give the square hijab tutorial again. I hope you like it! And may it will be useful for your pretty daily style :)
And Happy Weekend!

Love, Ina 

I'm a beginner so the artwork is too messy, pardon me cos I'm still learning..

What you need:
1 Piece of Jilbab Paris
1 Inner
2 Pins
1 Headband



Actually the "Batman" word comes from Mr. B mouth. But hey I'm a woman, so don't call me that hahaha
That's why I change the title to "BATWOMAN". Because most of my outfit are black.
And btw, I just finished my mid term test. Fyuh I can't imagine how's the result. Just hoping much ._.
And the last not the least, insyaAllah the next post will be a HIJAB TUTORIAL Post (Y)!
Please, enjoy!

Love, Ina 

Left - Random Shop, Right - Licht Catalog

Cotton Shawl - Bought from friend
Asymmetric Dress - SugarGallery Shop
Polkadots Pants - Shop on Facebok
Bangle&Watch - Random
Flower Crown - DIY


Let's We Dance

Morning, everyone! How are you today? Where do you spend this Sunday? If you ask me, the answer only "Not really good, just at home. Study for mid semester test for tomorrow until next Saturday." Fyuh.
As usual, an outfit post!! It's a long post enough, but not really. And this is just for having fun before I face the test. Fyuh. I took these photos early this morning, around 6.15 am hahaha.
Okay let's take a time!

Love, Ina xx

Ring by @all_branded (instagram)

Handmade Shoes by @LOFALOSH (twitter)


Scarf detail. Scarf by @fittingroom11 (instagram)

Outfit that I wore to hospital, visit my Dad


Hari Batik Nasional 2012

Selamat Hari Batik Nasional, Indonesia!
Sebagai generasi muda, kita patut bangga menggunakan kain yang merupakan salah satu warisan leluhur kita, yaitu batik :)
So, this time I wear batik as the theme of today's outfit post. Btw, it's raining now in Bogor. What about your place? Has rain fall on this week? I hope it has :)
And I don't go to school today, that's because I get flu and cough from 2 days ago. Maybe it's because I have tired days lately and I don't notice my body condition, pity me. So I don't wanna spread the virus in my class. Hahaha, but it's a chance for me to take some photos and share them to you :P
And finally, after months I've waiting for my PO shoes and today it comes! (Y)
Thanks, @LOFALOSHfor makes me waiting for months, you should know that I hate waiting.

Love, Ina 

This is the outfit that I wore to my family gathering on Sunday.

When there is no teacher in the class, we take photos hahaha

Met Bayu again on last Saturday (✽ˆ‎​​​​⌣ˆ‎​​​​✽)