Crazy Weeks

I feel the most tired weeks lately. Being 12th grades student is awesome but tired. This is nothing rather than being college student. And I feel sick with all the assignments. I hope I'll get some holidays as soon as possible, Amin.

Love, Ina xoxo

We are between crazy and cool. Yes, we are high-school-ers.

There's a garden in my room


  1. wiiih, jadi kangen masa SMA.. suka gila-gilaan sama temen2 *sampe sekarang juga*..
    that's right! masa kelas 3 SMA itu paling capek.. apalagi yg jurusan IPA :'(

    cool garden in your room :D so inspiring Ina!

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. Bener kata mba Ayu, jadi kangen sma. Jadi keinget tahun kemaren,kepo belajar anak ipa,dan kelas 3 sma itu masa seneng-senengnya. Tambah akrab banget dan selalu aja ada moment buat sekedar take photos . Enjoy ya dear...

    Anyway i really love your room, so creative ♥



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