Salam reader.
It's a review of my outfit of the day (ootd) for this week.
And anyway, some people request for hijab tutorial. I do love too, so stay tune on my blog, ok?
Ohya, Idul Fitri is 2 days to go. Super excited right? *dancing*
What's your plan for Hari Raya Idul Fitri this year? Share your story soon!
Love, Ina xoxo

Went to Jakarta w/ Family

Demo Hijab at YPHB

Hijab Class at YPHB

Went to Cinema w/ Bayu and Kia today

New Hijab Style, inspired by Fitrah Maulidina or check it out here. But I make a little modification and add my DIY Floral Crown :3


  1. Can't wait for your hijab tutorial dear XD

    I'm so excited with Eid Fitr XD I'll meet all my family in my grandmother's house and the next day we all will go to beach! Wohoo.
    What about you?

    visit my blog ♥


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