Hijab Class by KIT Team

Hey people, how's life? A very long time no post something again, actually I miss this activity so bad, but I didn't have much time.
Now, I'm gonna tell you my latest activity. I just held an event which is called Hijab Class. For Hijabers, you must be know it, right?
Yes, I held my own event. It was very WOW hahaha.
Hijab Class by KIT Team ini, diadain buat para high-schoolers terutama untuk para muslimah di Sekolah YPHB Bogor.
Kenapa di YPHB?
Ya karena event ini diajukan oleh Adzkia, one of the student of YPHB and my partner.
Persiapan kurang lebih dari 2 minggu sebelum hari H.
Hari Sabtu, 11 Agustus.
KIT Team sempet tampil dipanggung acara buat promosi event HC sekaligus memberikan 3 tutorial hijab masa kini. Alhamdulillah berjalan lancar. Firstly, gue agak ragu. Apakah yang daftar bisa mencapai target? Tapi Alhamdulillah mencapai target kok, walaupun di hari H nya ada 1 orang yang gabisa dateng :(
HC nya sendiri diadain hari Senin, 13 Agustus (24 Ramadhan 1433 H). Which was held by 2 sessions.
Tapi emang berkah Ramadhan ya, this event run smoothly and success!! Can't stop to say Thank You to Allah swt. to my family, my team Adzkia and Thifal, and my boyfriend Bayu who also helped us. Thanks for your support, this event won't run smoothly without you behind me :') Lotta thanks!!
These are some photos from the event, you know that Kia was the photographer, so most of them are on Kia's camera. Just wait for it, I hope she would post it for you through her blog here.
Please enjoy :)

Good night, Love Ina xoxo

Outfit for the 1st day

Outfit for H day

The most favorite of hers

Me and Bayuduta xo

Failed, Lol!


  1. kak keren bgt blognya! I do love your style's fashion, Adain tutorialnya jg dong kak:)

  2. cantik banget dear Ina ;)
    i love your fashion style hehe

    visit my blog ♥

  3. Love your skirt at the second photo!



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