ARCG's 1st Hijab Tutorial

Yeah finally, my first Hijab Tutorial!! :O
This one is a very simple wrap with square hijab. Because some people asked me to make this hijab tutorial so kindly I make it for you, ladies. Hope you like it and semoga bermanfaat! :)

Love, Ina xoxo

You only need:
1 Square Hijab
1 Inner
2 Pins
1 Brooch

Beside wearing headband or crown, you can add a pretty brooch or cute ribbon hair clips like mine ;)

Square Scarf by House of Hayra, Black Sweater is Dad's from London, DIY Floral Crown, Random brooch and ribbon hair clips.

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  1. This is such a neat tutorial, I love how proud you are of your culture, thank you for that!
    - Che

  2. Suka banget ma tutorialnya,,,,sering-sering ya bikin tutorial kaya gini ....salam blogger

  3. Beautiful! Great Tutorial :)

    kisses :)

  4. Awwwh. Love your hijaab tutorial!


  5. wahhhhh asik nih ada tutorialnya
    kunjungi blog

  6. cantiknya! sure I'll try it! thanks for the tutorial dear ;)

    visit my little cream button♥

  7. I want to wear one..I've always lived Headwear of all kinds.. I am married to a Syrian but of Italian American desent .. is it OK if I wore a hijab?

  8. I mean LOVED. . I LOVE HATS AND SCARFS ETC..And I want to learn how to do this .I think it's so pretty!!
    I love different cultures.


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