15 Minutes.' Floral Crown Part 2

Say hello to 15 Minutes.'s new design for floral crown!
Guess? This is the last post before I enter the school again. Unbelievable!

Love, Ina xoxo


Hello Morning

Outfit post of today! It's time to take some pictures outdoor and in the morning. Morning sunlight :)

Love, Ina xoxo

Finally! I have one! I adore you Dian Pelangi

Oops! Fortunately I'm wearing tight.


ARCG's 1st Hijab Tutorial

Yeah finally, my first Hijab Tutorial!! :O
This one is a very simple wrap with square hijab. Because some people asked me to make this hijab tutorial so kindly I make it for you, ladies. Hope you like it and semoga bermanfaat! :)

Love, Ina xoxo

You only need:
1 Square Hijab
1 Inner
2 Pins
1 Brooch

Beside wearing headband or crown, you can add a pretty brooch or cute ribbon hair clips like mine ;)

Square Scarf by House of Hayra, Black Sweater is Dad's from London, DIY Floral Crown, Random brooch and ribbon hair clips.

P.S: If there's something you wanna ask, just leave a comment. If you don't have any blog account, reach me on Twitter/Instagram: @inalathifahs
All pictures by 15 Minutes.'s. Don't Copy Without Permission.


Eid Mubarak Part 2

How's your 2nd day of Lebaran Day, reader?
About me, not a really great day.
First, our plan goes to Lampung today is canceled. The cause is so privacy, so I couldn't tell you, guys :(
Me and my family go to Soekarno-Hatta Airport today, these are what I wore.
Enjoy the photos, ladies <3

Love, Ina xoxo

Actually my hijab is Tosca but it turns to blue in the picture

Family Potrait. Sister, Lil Brother, Me, Lil Sister


Eid Mubarak

1 Syawal 1433 H.
Taqabballallahu Minna Wa Minkum ..
Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin :)
Bahagia mendengar lantunan shalawat pagi ini :)
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri bagi umat Islam di seluruh dunia, semoga kita bisa meningkatkan ibadah kita setelah ditinggalkan bulan Ramadhan tahun ini. Aamiin..
Selamat mudik buat teman-teman sekalian, semoga selamat sampai tujuan dan selamat sampai kembali ke rumah masing-masing ;)

What I wore for Sholat Ied:


Independence Day and Mudik Time

Yesterday was Indonesia Independence Day, rite?
Yes!! It was August 17th 2012. So it means Dirgahayu HUT RI Ke-67.
Pasti banyaaaak banget doa buat Indonesia tercinta ini. Mulai dari masalah yang sulit sekali sampai dengan masalah yang sepele. Yaa harapan kita pasti yang tebaik ya buat negara ini. Bukti tanda gue merayakan HUT RI, join the ceremony at my school.
Bentar banget sih upacaranya, tapi ya namanya juga setahun sekali jadi bela2in dateng hehehe.
"Jangan tanyakan apa saja yang sudah negara berikan kepadamu, tapi tanyakan pada dirimu, 'Apa yang sudah kamu sumbangkan untuk Indonesia?'"
"Berkaca di masa lalu, Berdiri di hari ini, Menatap hari esok"
Those words were said by my History teacher, Bu Mustika.

Maju Terus Indonesia!!

Ina means Indonesia.

InsyaAllah tomorrow is Idul Fitri. Sad because Ramadhan will go but glad Syawal comes. So are you ready for Mudik?? Yes, my family and my dad friend's family are ready for it, insyaAllah this Monday we will go to Lampung, yayness!! Can't wait for sure XD These are my stuffs <3

Ribbon Stuffs

Floral Stufss