Denim Never Gone

Just an outfit post. I'm lazy too take some photos while I'm fasting. So maybe I take a brake for this Ramadhan month.
P.S: Not because I'm fasting so I took these with sitting pose. lol.

Ina xo
Photos by 15 Minutes.. Don't Copy Without Permission.

Flower for my new Crown

Happy Monday xo


Sunshine in Ramadhan

Nothing to do for this 1st day of Ramadhan (except Ibadah). Fasting couldn't be the reason why I lay on my bed everytime. So rather than I get bored a whole day, I prefer to mix and match my outfit in my wardrobe. And I got these!
Keep Sunshine in this Ramdhan Month, Ladies xo

CCP and Inner-Such!
Top-Matahri Dept. Store
Flower Ring-Gift

Photos by 15 Minutes.. Don't Copy without Permission.


Not a Very Much Accessories.

The Collections:


Flowery and Braid Headbands

Just made this fresh orange headband this morning.
Keep fresh every morning like orange xo


Peachy Turquoise

Just hang out with Bayu and Thifal as usual. H-1 before fasting month insyaAllah :p
Another color blocking outfit and this colors is too cute :3 -Peach Turquoise-
Happy Ramadhan Month for all moslems in a whole world. Keep much pray and do more kindness O:)

Ina xoxo

Thanks a lot to Bayu's Mom for gave me this cute wood necklace <3


Went to Gelar Jepang by UI

Just wanna share my last holiday report to you. Went to Gelar Jepang UI with Bayu, Thifal and Kia. Today is the 2nd day of new year of school. I'm the senior now hahaha. Wish me luck for this school year until I'm graduate :)

Love, Ina xoxo


3 Days Left

Good Morning, reader! How are you?
Just a quick post. I'm sorry I seldom post something on my blog even it's still in my holiday time, I think the reason is only one; it's because my internet connection getting slowly day by day. How annoying, right? And I realize that my holiday only 3 days left *screaming* D:
Happy Thursday, All!! Kisses xoxo

Fettucini in Hilly Billy



Photoshoot Part II

How's life, reader? Finally I can post something again. My internet network becomes slowly now -__- Okay forget it. I realize that my holiday almost end, isn't it? 9 more days, fyuh. So I try to fill this days to do such an un-useless things. The example, I did photoshoot part II with my partner Adzkia. As usual, I be the model and the photographer is her. The theme of the photoshoot was "Vintage in Thatch". The location was at Bogor of course, but I can't say it to you ;) The main thing is, the photoshoot was totally fun and exhausted but we really satisfied with our own work. Please enjoy and keep following me!! xoxo

Love, Ina 

Accessories Detail


Outfit: All are Un-branded; Broken White Top by Kisa
Location: Bogor
Photographed by Adzkia Andriani