Report Book

Finally today is coming! I got my report book. And not really bad. I get the 10th rank but I should keep say Alhamdulillah :) The important one is, my score increase in every semester. So it would be a chance for me to join SNMPTN Jalur Undangan (PMDK) next year. Keep success for me and Happy Holiday School-er!! \m/ Even I don't have any plan for this holiday, my parents are too busy :(
By the way, I'm an Instagram addict :> Follow me, please! 


  1. Nice Pictures :)

    Wish you a happy Day!

  2. Great blog, I am now following, hope you can do the same for me <3

    Cindy C.

  3. so gorgeous, lovely lovely blog.
    I'm kind of a new around here.. would you like to visit me?


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