June 15th 2009-June 15th 2012

We have been through this 3 years together,
We have already felt the sweet and the bitterness of this relationship,
Actually, everything that we have done can't be described into words.
It's too much and we can't count it one by one.
We both have our own weakness and excess.
We have to learn to another couple, but we can't look same as them, just be who we are.
I love the way you share your happiness to me, it's so remarkable for me even it's ordinary on people's eyes.
It's not enough to say Thank You even in the whole day non-stop. Maybe I should Thanked to Allah that He gives me you!
I only hope that our relationship will last as long as possible, Amin :')

The Story of Bayuduta Raharja and Ina Lathifah Siregar 

The Metamorphosis Of Us..

See? Our smile never change year by year :)
{Darling, Happy 3rd Anniversary}


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