Holiday Begin

Let's we start this Holiday with the persons we love 
Me, Bayu, Thifal and Dhea went to Kebun Raya yesterday. How pity that Thifal never went to there before, she has been lived in Bogor for almost 5 years. And finally she had a time to visited it hahaha.
So I decided to took many photos of her, or we can call her, Model of The Day XD
Then we had lunch at Pa Ewok-Taman Kencana. This place is famous with their Es Buah. After that we went to Bayu's place. Actually we only wanted to prayed Zuhur, but we was having much talked with Bayu's twin too. So finally we back home at 4.30 pm :p
Enjoy :)

"Touch The Leaf"

"Woman with Double Glasses"

"Like a Masterpiece"

"Scream Yeah \m/"
"Glow in The Dark"
Thifal and Dhea

"Not a Candid Conversation"

Me and Boyfriend (aka Bayu)
What I wore

DIY Bracelets

Location: Kebun Raya Bogor&Bayu's Home
Photographer: Most of them were taken by me
Outfit: Soft Purple

By the way, I'm in love with this woman Varsity Jacket :3 Okay, time to saving money!!