Accident, Madagascar 3 for Mood Booster.

Yesterday morning.
Started the shinning day with practiced badminton with my sister. We played for around 45 minutes, and then went home. But unfortunately, we got an accident when we on the way home. We were hit by a black car. Yes as your guess, I fell from the motorcycle and trailed for a meter from the motorcycle. I felt like, I was hit by a car-fell from the motorcycle-I was conscious-I stand up and yeah I felt nothing hurt.
But when I arrived home, I checked my elbow, and there's a wound there then suddenly I cried. I didn't cry because I felt hurt but I was shocked because since I've been riding a motorcycle for 4 years, and yesterday was the first time I got an accident. Okay, what I feel now is my left body is stiff.
And you know, I have a badminton competition today for my school's event. I wish there won't be something wrong then. Amin.

Me, my boyfriend, Thifal and Kia just watched Madagascar 3 yesterday, the movie was so funny as usual! Anyway while I was watching it, I felt there wasn't something wrong with my body hahaha. This movie really helped me! :3
By the way, wish me luck for the badminton competition for today! Fighting!

Have a lovely Thursday,
Love, Ina xoxo

Finally I bought a camera bag!