Off for 2 weeks

Konnichiwa, minna!
I'm not a newbie for blog, but I'm a newbie for Lookbook and Pinterest. It's not that late right? :D
It's a pleasure if you wanna follow or just visiting those site. Just look at my blog's left bar, so you can find them easily.
Btw, I'll have a final exam on June, 4th 2012. Oh my God...... I can't believe that insyaAllah I'll be the 12th grades soon D: The time passed quickly, right? Please pray for the best for me. I'm focusing on study hardly this week. So it means that I will off from blogging for 2 weeks maybe. I'm gonna miss you all my readers xo
But when you make a hard effort you will get a great one, right?
And please keep following and leaving comments on my blog :3
Wait for the next post!!

Love, Ina xoxo

My Mom just bought me these Scarf, Lovely!!

Scarf: SugarGallery
Mustard Top: Unbranded
Blue Skirt: Simply Geeky
Flat Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Flower Ring: Naughty
My Own Room



Hello, readers!
It has been 5 days since my last post, right? Yeah I couldn't post something because my Dad brought this laptop to Singapore for 4 days, and he has arrived yesterday.
As usual, I'm gonna share my daily outfit to you, please enjoy and if you don't mind just leave some comments, please? :)

Love, Ina xoxo

I wish I have all of them

Me and my boyfriend have our own Jersey now (Y)

Square Hijab (Hijab Paris)
Inner Ninja (Unbranded)
Purple Top (SugarGallery)
Red Kulot Pants (Simply Geeky)
Stella Red Wedges (UP)
Bag (Mom's)
Necklace (Made by Mom)