DIY Collar Necklace

I got this great and lovely inspiration from Pastel Girl :D But mine is a little bit different from hers, because it's depends on who made it, right? ;)

Thanks Sabila Anata for gives me this inspiration, you might don't know me, but I love your fashion sense <3
And btw thanks Kiky, for giving me this very late birthday gift, but I still receive it because it's really cute, but it's too small :P


  1. Hi sweetie!

    I have just discovered your blog~
    Such a adorable and interesting blog sweetie! I'm feel comfortable read your post! Very nice collar:)<3

    Wanna follow each other dear?

    Have a fab day!

    1. Oh big thanks, Inggrid! <3
      Your blog's interesting too, I've follow your blog dear :)

  2. cute collar!!!

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